What kind of a teacher she was??

I am sharing one of my worst experiences, which is also one of the reasons for my journey to positive parenting.

Last year I got an opportunity to be a volunteer in my daughter’s play school, in her summer camp. Oh God!! I was waiting for it to happen. I love being with small kids. Their innocence makes me so happy.

3 years’ old boy Bhavik was very cute and naughty. He came to school to practice alphabets and numbers, and was allowed to participate in limited activities as instructed by his mom.

One day kids were learning dance on a song that had a “foul word”. I noticed that foul word, and thought why dance teacher selected that song?

After dance practice, Bhavik came and said that foul word to me. I was shocked and thought I didn’t hear correctly. So I asked him “What?” He repeated. I asked him “Where did you hear that word”. The answer was obvious, “In that song”, he replied.

Dance teacher was standing behind me. She heard and held him tightly, started scolding him in the loudest voice “How dare you said that word? I will lock you in the bathroom.” He got really frightened and started crying.

I was really upset. I called the Principal in the evening, who was, as I mistakenly thought, my good friend. I told her about the incident, and shared my views that it was not Bhavik’s mistake at all. He didn’t know the meaning of that word. We were the ones who played that song, and kids are good at learning. So, why was he scolded and threatened?? Also, why was he being scolded to write properly, when this can be done with love. I mean he is just 3 years.

She agreed to what I said. And told me that she will talk to the dance teacher.

Next day, I got a message from Principal “We don’t need your services. We have enough teachers to take care of the kids.”

That was the last day when I and my daughter went to that school. I strongly condemn such actions by teachers, and will continue to do that in future.

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